Hello there beautiful soul.

I had a busy week and unfortunately, today I am not going to show you any outfit. Sorry. I got sick right at the end of the week and it’s physically impossible for me to get dressed and put make up on. I am “all natural” these days *meaning- I look like a zombie dressed most likely in pyjamas*. SO, what shall we talk about? Internet.
Media is a great part of our lives weather we like to admit it or not. We are up with the latest news due to it and we can find anything we want to know about a subject just by “clicking” around. Some may say that our generation uses phones too much, or actually surfing on the internet and that that is a bad influence for us. They are neither wrong nor right. If you look in the right places you can learn a great deal out of it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that we should keep spending this insane amount of time on internet; all I am saying is that we should use this information in our favour. Of course, not everything we read is real and correct but that does not mean that everything is a lie. Follow me? I believe that there must be a balance. It’s like yin&yang. We need time on internet as much as we need to spend time without it. It would be stupid to shut this part of knowledge down just because the ones before us did not have access to it. Don’t you agree?
Now, I would like to discuss about a small part of what it’s so called media, Facebook. Not about friendship or communication, but about the infos you can extract from it. I follow several pages on internet so I thought I would show you my “<< Pages to like on Facebook >> list”. So here it comes.

1.The quoteaholic section:
~The Artidote
I find this page amazing. It’s both quote and art related. You’ll find quotes about anything, really. Life, love, motivation, and many more. It’s one of my personal favourites. Worth liking.
Similar to the first one, this page brings both art and quotes together. If you ask me, this one seems to be more involved in life issues and #LateNightThoughts.
~Movie Quotes
The name speaks for itself.
~Anticariatul de noapte
More for those who speak romanian (but no worries, they post in english too) , this page has book quotes, life quotes, movie quotes, music and pictures. Also you can order books. How cool is that? Love it.

2. Art &CO
~Art People Gallery
If you enjoy quality art, you’ve found your page. Amazingly talented people post here what I like to call, true art. It’s just amazing what people can do just by using their hands. Just… Argh. I can’t explain this. Just check it out.
~Art & Interior Design
~Art & Architecture
~Art & Landscape Design
These three are for those who want to see new house ideas or just want to improve their already owned home. It’s just amazing what you can find in few minutes spent on these pages. Whenever I access them I have a vision of how my future house will look like. Yeah, you guessed right, every time it’s something different.

3. Photography
I bet there are many more amazing pages of photography to like but here are some I truly enjoy.
~Sandor Lucas Photography
If you saw my last article photos, you know what I’m talking about. He’s a pretty much talented young photographer who sees casual things in a different light. I enjoy everything he posts. Even when the subject is not something that might interest me particularly (cars, for instance), he manages to catch my attention. Moreover, he posts amazing time lapse videos. Well done!
~Titus Vari Photography
Even he hadn’t post in a while, he still has awesome photos. People, nature, city. They all are beautiful. Check it out and see for yourself.
~Nati Țudic Photography
Where should I start from? I, obviously, am a fan. Either way, I won’t be telling you about it. He mostly focuses on human related photos ( wedding photos, generally). When I look at them I can truly feel the emotions that the people in the image have. It’s like they speak for themselves. I believe that every picture has something to tell, but here, it’s like I am talking to the person.

4. Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
~Haute Couture Week
Fashion lover? Like.
~Teen Vogue
~Marie Claire
As you can see, magazines names. I always read their articles. I find them very useful especially because I like to be up to date with everything new. It’s like a magazine, but online. For free. Can you imagine? Perfection.
~Paper Fashion
Art and fashion. This girl is so talented. I love her work.
~Cute Girls Hairstyles
Don’t know what to do with your hair? This might be just the answer.

5. Music
~Us The Duo
OMG. This describes best every post. Perfect covers of latest hits. If you think the original is great, well, you haven’t heard them yet, that’s for sure.

6. Food
Recipes over recipes.

7. Fitness
~Emily Skype
She posts short workout videos and will always motivate you through photos, quotes or simply her thoughts over something.

8. Science
~I fucking love science
Interested in science? This page has articles about anything science related. I find it pretty cool. *wink*

9.Life talks
You have topics over everything you would like to see.

10. Zodiac
~Zodiac Signs
Now, I don’t know how much of what you’ll read is true. But if you like zodiac, it will for sure entertain you.

11. IuliAlexandra MY PAGE! If you want to be the first to see my latest articles, like it! I sometimes post music or photos you might like. SO, WHAT ARE YOU WATING FOR?

That’s about it. All the pages I enjoy most. I have to say that I am curious what are your page recommendations. So, make sure to let me know.

Hope you enjoyed my article and also, hope you’ll have an awesome week.
See ya’ later!

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Kofi Annan

Stay classy. Love, IuliAlexandra

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