Dark clouds. Sad eyes.
Bad day? Hideaway.
One, two, three drops. One more, drawn in thoughts.
Open minds? Closed eyes.
Silent noise. No voice.

Listen to the rain, have patience and listen. It hides secrets, but only for those who never ever stop to discover what it says. We’re lost in the moment of past or future but caught in the very present. What is it left to do? How much time will it pass until the past is past and the future becomes the present and we look forward to make the next move? How many mistakes will we make until we’ll know what step should we take? How many people will we meet until we’ll know who are those that we need in our lives? How many places will we travel not only with our bodies but with our souls until we settle down? How many days will pass until they won’t be enough? Countless.
Look up and let the drops cover your face, feel the cold, feel the water that fondles your skin. Can you feel it? Is it real? Now go inside. Let it dry. Can you feel it anymore? No? It’s gone. It’s a part of you now. The past was alive once, now it’s a small part of you. Never let it control you. Don’t fear the future, it’s not yours yet. Live the present cause it is the closest to who you are. Live it right. Mistakes? You can’t always avoid them. It’s in our nature. Try to fix them, but don’t expect an instant solution, let the time pass. It’s usually the wisest choice. Meet people, as many as you can, but don’t let them change your judgement when you don’t feel that’s right. Step away and take a better look. Is that the best for you? No? Leave without regret. Travel, explore. Find that one place that feels like home for your body and soul. It doesn’t have to be a place, but a stage. Don’t count days but be present in each as much as you can. Don’t take one moment for granted. It’s hard to believe but one will be your last.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain cause it will teach you many lessons.

Outfit: hat-H&M; sweater- Stradivarius; necklace-ZARA;
Photographer: Lucas Sandor Photography;

Love, IuliAlexandra

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