One look. It takes us one look to decide who a person is, what their lives look like, how they speak, how much knowledge do they posses, if they are shy or outgoing, if they are fun to be around or too serious for their own good, if they are bossy or quiet, what their relationship status looks like, if they are trustworthy or will mess things up easily, if they have the so called “potential”. That’s how it is. In our minds we have this whole setup about the people we connect with or just pass through.

We like to assume that we know everything and that we know it right. We like to judge from the very first. It’s in our nature, because it’s simply easier. It’s so much easier to put people in categories, in their folders in our mind and to access only the the ones we believe to be useful or worth it. We like to see ourselves as the best “category”. Meaning, we are the “normal”, superior ones and the others that do not match our profile, the “weird” ones. And all of that is done, even for those who do not like to admit it, first, through appearance.

So many surveys show that the image we present will tell who we truly are. We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, yet we like to pick it that way. So many stories were never read, so many pages were never written due to this simple, yet complicated fact. We see someone and in an instant our brain will decide what happens next. Should I go say hi to that stranger that just passed by? Should I help that guy that seems lost? Should I give a hand to the lady that is surrounded by luggages? Should I bother connect my existence with theirs, or should I pass by?

Appearance… Oh, that one thing we like to say that is not “THAT” important, yet we can’t really avoid. However hard we try, our lives are ruled by it. You define how you are perceived by others through it. We shouldn’t pay that much attention to these things. We should look in depth, try to discover more. Read some pages and then judge. But, it is how it is. The cover you create will give or take opportunities from you.

Chose wisely the “cover” you dress and try to give a chance to the “books” that don’t seem just your type. The people that know you won’t be bothered by the image you choose, whereas the ones that you’ll first connect with will judge you by it. It’s up to you who you want to be, who you’re going to be around. Just… make sure that you’re proud of who you are and that you won’t miss the opportunity to meet amazing souls due to the “wrong” first impression.

Outfit: coat- ZARA; blouse- Orsay; skirt- ZARA; watch- D&G; stiletto- Benvenuti;

Photographer: Andra Topan;

Mood: Seafret – Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene (BBC Live Version) Hozier 

Love, IuliAlexandra

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