A portrait.
What is a portrait?
Is it the eyes that saw countless miracles? that shed tears for every single tragedy that occurred before them? that fell in love with random places or random faces? that knew when to be closed and when to pay closer attention?
Is it the mouth that shared with the world stories that have never been told before? that dedicated sweet words to a lover? that threw harsh words in critical moments? that begged for forgiveness once in a while? that stammered when excited? that stole kisses from one of its own kind?
Is it the nose that found new essences across the path? that recognised a place by a certain smell? that kept the scent of a special person?
Is it the ears that overheard whispers at night? that left some words pass by as if they were never said? that hopped for beautiful thoughts? that could shudder at the sound of a favourite song or a long lost soul?
Is it that?
It is a twisted combination of emotions and imperfections, mistakes and unique moments painted by a brush in the right hands… God’s hands.

Outfit: top- Pimkie;

Fact: the text was written on this song- Seinabo Sey – Still;

Photographer: Sandor Lucas Photography;

Love, IuliAlexandra


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