Have you ever found yourself at the point where all you do is dictated by others, every decision you take into account is not, actually, yours? Do you ever feel like a puppet? Like someone way too scared to change something in the fear that you may hurt those you care about? Have you?

It’s hard to please everyone, but we try it anyway. One thing I never really pay attention to is what I want, what will be the best for me, and me alone. I find it way easier to find answers in someone else than my own being. So, my actions will always be reflected by something greater than the singularity of an individual, selfish maybe, desire. But I lose it, you lose it, we lose it. Where is that identity of yours in the process of fullfilling someone else’s wishes, fullfiling somebodies’ expectations? Lost… Somewhere where you’re now too afraid to look, too afraid to try to discover. It is hard. When you rise one more time and others get lost in the sunset, you will be judged. People will get cold, ‘cause “you’ve changed”, “you are not who you used to be”. What if I told you, you only begin to be who you were meant to be? Sometimes we need distance from everyone else in order to find that hidden self.

So… what are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? Loneliness? Oh… dear… we all are alone, after all. Don’t be scared of that. Embrace it. Do everything for your happiness because not everyone is trying so hard to help you find yours as you try to help others.


Black & White, Print, Texture and a Statement Colour- these words describe best the style I approached. I find this outfit a boost of self confidence. I’ll call it smart casual.

The Oxford Shoes from BENAZA which, honestly I am obsessed with, are not only comfortable (only, and only if you wear them with tights! Trust me on this one.) but easy to be worn in any outfit. You can pair them with jeans, a skirt, a dress maybe. I tried them all. They give you that business look I’m always fond of. But let me tell you more about BENAZA. I found this brand by mistake on Facebook, saw some of their products and I couldn’t decide which shoes to buy as they all are awesomely designed and made out of high quality products. Also, as that was not enough, they had some incredible sales aaaand (the best of them all) when you order your pair, you can ask for 2 different sizes, so when they reach you, you have the possibility of trying them on and keep only your size without any additional costs. I believe online shopping can’t get any better. I’m looking forward to complete my closet with another pair as soon as possible.

The black, high-waisted Jeans I got from ZARA. I am so proud of this purchase because they are, truly, my favourite jeans. They fit me like a glove, they are comfortable, perfect for cold and not too-cold weather, they are black (and I know this sounds ridiculous to put out there as an advantage)- therefore easy to be converted into a sport or casual with a tendency of elegant outfit; and… I feel good in my skin while wearing them. For me, not every piece of clothing assures the mental comfort that I look good, but these… You’ve gotta try them to convince yourself.

The plain, white shirt is from Orsay. I particularly like it because, despite the very simple design, it can be easily played with. Want it all out? All in? Tucked in? Everything is a good choice. I wanted to give the set a messy look so I chose to tuck half of the front in. Proud of how it looks!

The Chanel Suit is from ONLY. What else could I say but the fact that is gorgeous? It has the print, the leather, the length… all together. How could I not love it? It gives life to the outfit.

The Stradivarius, plum bag serves as the statement colour. The shade is gorgeous. Besides that, it is nicely divided. You have room for everything as in the middle you have a place especially made for you to keep the essentials. I wear this bag as my handbag almost every day. Like it lots.

Oh, and the Fossil watch which you can recall from my past posts is also there not only for the shake of a complete outfit, but also for reminding me that I should keep track of time in order to be where I’m meant to.

Photographer: Andra Topan;

Snapchat: iuliatopan; Insta: iuliatopan;

Mood: Unknown Mortal Orchestra- “Multi-Love”

“Just remember. None of us have any idea what we’re doing either. No one chooses to exist. You just do. You’re gonna be okay.” —Halsey #ThingsToNeverEverForget

Love, IuliAlexandra

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