A crowdedness of feelings, uncertainties, a perpetual fight between rationality and impulse, an urge to resist the temptation of immorality. Floating in the middle of the genuine concept of a soul, wanting it all and repulsing the will to taste the freedom. Finite, yet eternal in the means of knowledge. Trapped into something that seems to be the right frame. Blinded by meaning. Why does everything has to have a meaning? Why does the mask of a society make us feel better in the parameters of the flesh we live in? Why do we have to inform the other beings about the path our mind wonders on? Why do we have to fear judgement? Why do we need labels? Why does the thought of someone’s thoughts frightens us? Why do we have to make sense? Why do we care anyway?

We’re natural disasters. The complexity that rests within us is exhausting. Trying to fit in something way too small for our capacity of comprehension. Trying to make our minds think smaller. Trying to deny the nonsense behind existence. Trying to make everything theoretical. Trying to change everything we own: the shape we have, the thoughts we possess, the questions we put, the emotions we feel. But as our tree grows shaped by a specific pattern, the storm is coming and the absurdity lighting that will stroke us will mark us forever.


White dress, pattern, abundance of accessories and… grain. I find this outfit refreshing, simple and comfortable.

The dress I’m wearing is from Bershka and I particularly like it due to its colour, shape (shoulder reliving) – I believe it’s very flattering and elegant, and the fact that it has an interesting print on it. I would wear this for a walk on the beach as much as I would wear it for a formal event. Moreover, it’s so very comfortable, the fabric is so soft and stretchy. Gotta love it.

The multitude of rings I got from H&M. I’m a big fan of hands full of rings and these are just so nicely designed. From this amazing brand I got the necklace with the circle medallion, as well.

The shoes I got from… oh, well. Let me explain. I did wear shoes at some point, but umm, well, hard to climb with heels on. Therefore, keep tuned for my next articles in which I’ll be showing them, too. I promise they are awesome and that they suited the outfit perfectly.

Photographer: Andra Topan

Snapchat: iuliatopan; Insta: iuliatopan;

Mood: for KING &COUNTRY- By Our Love;

Love, IuliAlexandra

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