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There is a certain kind of beauty in simplicity. I believe the world really forgot where it came from and how we started in the beginning. It is not what we see today, how we act today, what we eat today. This development we went through has helped us, yes, but have we really considered what we have lost in the process? Some of our dearest human traits may have suffered. Therefore here are some ways to simplify your existence:

1. Speak only words of kindness and only those you mean.
2. Tell the important people in your life how much they mean to you. Annnd tell people how you feel. The worst that could happen is them not feeling the same thing and you won’t be wasting any more time.
3. Hug at least one person/ day.
4. Eat the food that brings you both pleasurable taste and that benefits your body.
5. Start doing that dream of yours you postponed for so long.
6. Be bold, fearless. Make spontaneous choices.
7. Visit the nature from time to time. It will help you clear your mind.
8. Listen to good music and break in a dance when you feel like it.
9. Be weird and don’t pay too much attention to what people think of you.
10. Read a good book.
11. Accept the bad days, they are only natural.
12. Take at least 20 minutes a day to work out, it will boost your energy and you’ll feel better about yourself.
13. Believe in yourself and don’t let mean people make you feel inferior.
14. Cut off the bad in your life- people not worth spending time on, the activities that make you feel bad, the food that doesn’t bring you health.
15. Don’t let money rule you; rule them.
16. Don’t chase fame, do what makes you happy and let the magic happen.
17. Smile each day, even if you don’t feel like it.
18. Surround yourself with good souls that make you feel alive once again.
19. Thank God for your existence and for the life He has offered you.


When in doubt, simplify.

This ridiculously simple outfit is a great way to promote your femininity and strengthen your confidence. All you need are: black trousers , a white camisole top, and high heels (obviously). To add definition to the outfit I wore a golden bracelet, a pair of small, simple earrings, a ring and a necklace. It’s comfortable and suitable for a formal event, cocktail party or a night out.

Even in the summer, some nights tend to get colder, therefore this is the perfect approach. You can easily throw a scarf over your shoulders and you’re good to go.

The camisole top I got from Stradivarius and I honestly find it an awesome achievement. It’s so easy to wear as you can pair it with ripped jeans; black, elegant trousers; maybe some shorts; an “on body” skirt or a loose one (Well, pretty much anything.) The material it’s made of looks like silk to me (but I’m quite positive it’s not) and combined with the lace that surrounds the bust area, the item becomes even more lady-like. Alsoooo- it does not wrinkle very easily. I’d say it’s something worth adding to your wardrobe especially for summer kind of weather.

The black trousers you can see are from Orsay. I’ve always liked the business look, but to be honest, I’m more fond of dresses or skirts. Despite this, sometimes trousers are more welcomed as they can create a sexy, work-suited look. I like the length, the stretch of the material and the design. I’ve tried so many pairs of “business” trousers and only these seem approachable for my age and my kind of body.

The black Benvenuti stilettos are made of suede which offers them a casual-like look. Also, the hill is quite interesting and adds texture to the whole outfit. (Yeah, I’m well aware I just said that. I am well aware no one ever looks at my heels, too. But I pay attention to them, ok?) Plus, even though they are pretty high, I’d say they are reasonable comfortable.

Accessories: the golden bracelet and the earrings are from H&M. I like the accessories this brand provides. They are so simple, and trust me it is not easy to find simple designs these days. It appears that the fashion industry believes that simple things are not that appealing. Well guess what? They are appealing to me! So, well done H&M!

OH, and one last thing to add to the outfit in order to provide that “unique” look: your smile. It’s insane how much better you’d feel if you wear it on a regular basis.

Photographer: Andra Topan;

Stalk me: snapchat- iuliatopan (sometimes I’m funny), insta- iuliatopan, twitter: @IuliaTopan;

Listen to: Mikky Ekko – Smile;

Love, IuliAlexandra

2 thoughts on “Chapter 40- ‘When in doubt… simplify!’

  1. Cat de frumoasa esti Iuliuca! Si felicitari! Un articol grozav, ca de fiecare data! Pozele sunt minunate, felicitari si surorii tale si tineti-o tot asa!

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