Sometimes it gets too much. We have too much on our mind, on our plate: too many tasks to fulfil, too many emotions to handle. We collect, and collect, and collect. It’s hard to let go, or even think of the idea of excluding something from our lives. So we hold onto everything we can as if we would lose sight of them, we’ll never be able to get them back. So what do we do? What is the solution, the escape? It’s time to declutter. It’s time we ask for help. It’s amazing how easier, how better, how happier the life will become. Why would asking for help be a weakness and why be afraid of it?
People are those who help us. Surround yourself with good, valuable ones. The people you trust, love, carry about. Those who make you be the best version of yourself. Share some of the things you have on your mind with them, let them get an insight of your life and allow them to help when you’re overwhelmed. As tough as we are, sometimes we have to open up and trust those around us. Trust that they are here for us when we need them. If we share our thoughts, that won’t take them away from us. On the contrary, it will give us space for the most important matters at the present time.
Do some cleaning. Let some of your concerns in someone’s else arms. They might know exactly where to store them.

Speaking of decluttering. I came across a quote “Less is more.” and if you read my article ‘When in doubt… simplify’ (click here to see) you know that I believe in making life easier and in getting rid of unnecessary things. Therefore, this lead me to imagining how my dream closet will look like. With this in mind, the first step I would do, before even imagining a design for the supposed closet, would be organising my clothes into categories. Makespace_clutter_flowchart_v04

Now that I have it all sorted out, the closet would be filled only with the clothes I actually wear, and those that are suited for the current season. But what do I do with those that I want to store if I don’t have any space left? Now here is the part where I would like to have another closet, but of course, that’s not quite possible. Or is it? MakeSpace may be exactly what you’re looking for! This company basically is “the other closet”, a personal assistant that provides you with what you need in less than a blink of an eye. Through the use of their app you can tell them what to bring you out of the storage, whenever! It doesn’t get any better! I find this the best way to make sure your stuff are being taken care of, and moreover, you’ll know exactly where to find them! Check out if there is any location at your disposal, if not, well.. they make sure to include as many locations as possible, as soon as possible, so never lose hope! Makespace Phone ImageMakespace 7

Back to the dream closet. It would be spacious, well organised, and beautifully designed. The goal would be a room assigned for my clothes, and clothes only. A place where I can easily find what I’m looking for, where I can discover new outfit ideas, where I can think, write, relax. It would be like a fashion library where books are replaced by textures and colours.


Also, here are some of the pieces that can’t miss from it. These three outfit are those I can always count on.

I feel like one of the “must have” items in every woman closet is a black dress. You can never go wrong with this. It can be used for a formal event, a party or a night out. It’s appropriate for summer days as well as for not so warm seasons. I got this one from ZARA and I’m very excited about this achievement. I like the way it’s sewed, the material choice and the way it focuses on the upper area of my body.
The sandals are from Stradivarius and I believe they are something worth adding to your shoes collection. They can give your outfit a cool, sophisticated look.


Now this one is sooo comfortable. Of course I had to have a more sport-ish choice in my dream closet. I can’t be elegant 24/7 . All you need is: a pair of jeans, a camisole top and a pair of sport shoes.
The ripped jeans are from Stradivarius and what I like about them is the details: the zippers from the ankle, the cuts, and the colour. The downside of these is: they don’t fit that well. What I mean by that is- they are too large in the waist. It’s so hard to find an actual pair that will fit me like a glove.
The camisole top you might recognise from one of my latest posts. ( click here)
The Nikies are my new favourite item. I just love them. So comfortable yet stylish. I never thought I’ll love sport shoes so much. GOTTA LOVE THEM. Must. Have.
The Bershka bag is a very useful,compact one. Upside: the colour, the design, well compartmented.IMG_7876IMG_7906IMG_7937

I feel like this one represents me in a way. So, why did I choose this?
The printed skirt is complicated yet serious. It has the print game, but the colour helps to give it a grown up look.ZARA, if you wonder.
The H&M top is black, on one shoulder and it has the wing looking like thing that gives it “that something”.
The flats are simple and plain. Upside: you can pretty much find them all the time in H&M. Super affordable and always in handy.
The simple, black bag is an awesome choice if you don’t feel like carrying much around. (H&M)IMG_8050IMG_8049

So there you have it. My dream closet and everything you need to know about achieving it! Let me know what your dream closet would look like!

Photographer: Andra Topan;

Stalk me: snapchat- iuliatopan (sometimes I’m funny), insta- iuliatopan, twitter: @IuliaTopan;

Love, IuliAlexandra

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