Have you ever found that pair of shoes that you want to pair with (literally) every outfit? If yes, then you kinda got an insight about how I feel about my last purchase.

I need to confess something. At first I was skeptic about these sandals. You could pass by them and think there’s no way they’re going to look good when in your feet. But guess what? *drums* If you dare to try something new, you might find yourself falling in love with it. Or at least, that what happened in my case.

I got these sandals from Bershka and I have to say I like everything about them. They are atypical, bold and exactly what you need to reinvent an outfit. Needless to say they are black (the easiest colour to associate with an outfit) and the heel is designed in such way that they are suuuuper comfortable.

Now let’s see the outfits I pulled together with this great acquisition, shall we?



These awesome black trousers I already presented in one of my past posts. Click here and see why you gotta buy them!

The coat is from H&M and what makes it so special has to be, of course, the interesting print it has. I like the autumn like colours, even though I still hope for the summer to prolong a bit more. It does not bottom up and that gives it a more loosen up look. Also, you can easily fold the sleeves to add some dimension.

The top I got from Orsay. I really like the lace details. I feel like even if worn in a casual look, you can still feel that business approach. It’s feminine, light and an easy choice to make when in a hurry.

NOTE: This outfit is appropriate for a date, a work/university day or a brunch with your friends.




ZARA, ZARA. I love this shop, ok? Its items are usually the classic kind and great quality. Therefore, my leather jacket and the dress are both from this amazing place.

Even though the dress is very feminine with a gorgeous floral print (notice the details,they make the difference), I wanted to give the outfit a “badass” touch with the leather jacket. Did it work? I’m inclined to believe so. Also, the discrepancy between the light (and super comfortable) material of the dress and the more ‘stiff’ jacket makes this choice even more interesting.

NOTE: This outfit is also appropriate for the choices presented above, but you can also wear it for an evening event. Or… a motorbike ride. (JUST KIDDING)



The top is from Stradivarius. I like this camisole trend, honestly. I feel so comfortable when wearing it and it gives that, well… feminine look (I am well aware that I used this word way too many times). What can I do? It’s the way I like to style my outfits. I feel good in my own skin when wearing something that makes me realise the upsides of being a woman. This is similar to the white one I featured in the past articles. ( click here)

This bleu marine skirt was custom made by Commod Croitorie Comanda . Obviously, I like it lots as I designed it.

Necklace: ZARA. I think it speaks for itself. It’s a statement piece. Changing the casual game to an elegant one in 2 seconds.

NOTE: This outfit is appropriate for a fancy date, a party (birthday party) or a job interview (depending on the job you’re applying for).

So there you have it, these are the three outfits I pulled together for these great sandals. If you have a shoe obsession at the moment let me know in the comment section below.

Photographer: Andra Topan;

Stalk me: snapchat- iuliatopan (sometimes I’m funny), insta- iuliatopan, twitter: @IuliaTopan;

Sometimes you have to look harder. Look harder for the good in other people. Look harder for a way to pursue that dream of yours. Look harder for the love hidden in the person next to you. Look harder within yourself. Sometimes all that is keeping you apart from something amazing is a second look.

Love, IuliAlexandra

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