Do you really understand the concept of identity? You might think that in order to access that you only need yourself and yourself alone, but you’re wrong. Have you ever felt like you’re slowly fading from your own mind? Like you can recognise yourself in the mirror, but the concept of your own being becomes somehow shallow. Have you ever experienced that feeling where subconsciously you start to forget your spirit, your motivation, your character? It gets to that point where you no longer have an aim and all you wish is to get back to that point in life where you knew exactly who you were. But it’s different now. That version of yourself is lost and somehow, this new one seems not to fit properly. You must allow your mind to take the time to adjust. You must be strong.

New beginnings are hard and moving somewhere far away from all you’ve known your entire life can be threatening for your sanity. But you don’t have to be desperate. It takes time to realise what’s happening to you. Identity has to do with a lot of things. From the way to speak to the way you dress and most importantly, the people that you surround yourself with. The truth is that our existence is allowed by the existence of those surrounding us. The “reality” is composed of the universes that each human has collided with each other. We exist by reporting the world to our own being. Sound selfish, but it’s true. So when you find yourself in a place where your name means nothing more than a sound that gets lost so easily in the wind and maybe will never stay in someones memory, you panic. You lose it. That identity of yours seems to be gone. So what do you do? How do you fix it? How can you recreate the lost?

Getting your identity back is a hard path to go on. When surrounded with all these new faces, places, habits, you tend to question your own existence as an individual in this new society you’re struggling to fit in. Due to the huge amount of differences you could easily get lost. It seems that your own perspective doesn’t matter. It seems that the others are broken because they don’t look like anything you’ve seen before. And ultimately, when you realise that there’s nothing you can do about them you start to question everything about yourself. Not that you’d like to change or do anything differently, but this feeling of not belonging starts to catch roots and manages to scare your soul out of your body.

It will take time to be yourself again. It will take time to be able to feel comfortable in your skin again. But, there’s one thing I can advise you to do. Keep in touch with those who matter most to you, the people you love. I, personally, am lucky enough to find that comfort in my family and even though distance is keeping us apart, I talk to them daily. And no, not once, as much as I can that day. There’s this thing about the people that would give up on everything for you that makes you stronger. You can grow without people, but with someone by your side it’s always easier. Oh, and that there’s that Someone who will always take care of you, so just trust Him and remember that He’s there for you every single second of your life.

Stay strong. Stay positive.

OUTFIT: Stradivarius camisole top (article about it- here!), POEMA skirt, H&M flats;

LOCATION: Hanul Teilor– check it out! Amazing place!

Photographer: Lucas Sandor;

Stalk me: snapchat- iuliatopan (sometimes I’m funny), insta- iuliatopan, twitter: @IuliaTopan;

Love, IuliAlexandra

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