When was the last time you smiled? The last time you were utterly happy?

You see, we get so caught up in this life of ours that we forget to breathe properly, to eat properly, to live properly, to smile properly. Our goals get bigger and bigger meanwhile we forget one very important detail… to be happy.

Enjoy the life you have, the surroundings, the people you engage with. And if you do something, remember that it should be you that decides to do that and no one else. Your journey isn’t about doing what the others see fitted for you, but what you feel like doing. Never postpone your happiness and never take time for granted. Don’t say it’s just a one time thing, a one week thing, a one year thing. Not satisfied with what you do? Think better about it, is it really worth it to be trapped between those walls you, yourself, created?

It is true. Things don’t stay in the form you see them right now forever. But, it’s up to you if you want to live each second of your time doing what YOU feel good doing, be near the people that YOU pick as suited and enjoy the very life you have at this moment.

This world is an amazing place. Your possibilities are countless. You can always walk away, change the way you live. ‘You are one decision away from a completely different life.’ Therefore, look at the life you have and think… THINK whether you like it just the way it is and if you don’t, even a bit, don’t wait up for someone or something to come rescue you, CHANGE it. Choose to smile, choose to be happy.

If this year should be about something, it should be about improving your happiness, as happiness is one of the very things that keep us sane.

Photographer: Sandor Lucas & myself;

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Love, IuliAlexandra

5 thoughts on “Chapter 53- ‘ Happy? ‘

    1. Happiness is a place to visit with your mind. Sometimes getting to that place is easy, sometimes it gets tough. The secret is to never stop chasing happiness. I’m trying my best to find that ” utterly happy” place because many times it’s a choice. What about you? Are you happy?

      1. Now I am, now I am not, depends.
        So, you are saying that the happiness is not things that happened to you or people around you that makes you happy!? Do I get it right?

      2. What I am trying to say it’s that most of the time it’s up to you to decide to be happy. Of course people around you, or certain events can help you in your happiness journey. But sometimes, we focus so much on negative emotions that we forget to appreciate what we already have. So happiness has to do, as well, with realizing how lucky we are to live the life we have, and if there’s something that concerns us, or something that is ( let’s say) getting into the way of our happiness, we should take matters into our own hands and change the situation. I hope I made you understand my view. And I hope that the moments in which you are happy are more than those in which you are not.

      3. I totally understand you and I have pretty much the same idea as you. I work on my ‘utterly happiness’ also and I try to count only the happy moments but it seems to be really hard in this world that we live. I think that happiness chasing will be more easier if will be more people with the same focus. And to find this kind of people it’s really hard again, they are rare, 0.01% I say.

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