Some days you’ll have to eat alone, drink alone, be alone. Be with your own person and discover once again who you are without the others. For we are not quite ourselves when with someone else, even those we are presumably comfortable with. We show up with a package we know it will fulfil their expectations, or at least one that will remotely do so. We can’t show our “true” emotions always because we know they have feelings just as us and we can’t hurt them. We have to compromise. Because after all, life is a great, big, compromise. Therefore, some days it will get too much. And you’ll just want to lay back and enjoy the silence, the silence in your mind… You might get tired of making an itinerary for your entire day just because someone genuinely cares about it. So keep some days for yourself. Keep some of your routine for yourself. Sometimes it might be taking care of your outer health. Sometimes it will be your inner health. Sometimes you’ll pick up a hobby in the hope of getting to know yourself better. Sometimes you’ll do just the same things you do in a normal day, but without anyone else. You see, I guess we would go mad without those around us. But, for what it’s worth, keep some moments for yourself. Remember who you are. Remember that who you are doesn’t need validation from anyone else.

Love, IuliAlexandra

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