You know, you reach a point in your life when you get to see people for who they really are, when you realise that despite your kind will, some people will just play with it and take it for granted. You see, life is not always easy and trust me when I say this, people are the trickiest of it all. You’ll wake up one day and ask yourself who are those you did wrong to and whether it is your fault and how could you have prevented this unfortunate situation. But the thing is, you can’t get to all people’s hearts, you can’t always control a situation, let alone their reactions. What you have to do is take a big breath, hold it in and then, exhale kindness. Because despite your best efforts, some won’t appreciate it. Regardless of that, don’t lose your good heart. Don’t cheat by going the fast way which is range and revenge. Remember that just because of a bad day, or a bad friendship you should not lose hope. Somewhere in their soul, there is kindness and goodness. Some just don’t realise it. Give it time.

Things do happen for a reason. Each person you’ll meet has a different impact on your life. Some will be there in order to teach you a lesson, some will be there for the lesson you’re going to teach them and some will stay and enjoy the journey by your side. A word of advice, wear your warmest smile, have courage and always, BE KIND.




First outfit: dress- unfortunately unknown (Got it from a local shop), glasses- Guess;

Second outfit: shirt: same local shop, skirt: Stradivarius, sandals: Bershka;

Third outfit: shirt- ZARA, pants- Orsay, shoes-Anna Cori;

Fourth outfit: dress- ZARA, necklace- ZARA, shoes- POEMA;

Photographer: Andra Topan;

Stalk me: insta- iuliatopan, twitter: @IuliaTopan;

Love, IuliAlexandra

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