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And if they knew this. Oh, only if they did… Even as little as the moon has hope to meet the sun one day. Oh, the world would be theirs. They’ll have everything they’d ever desired. But they locked their souls in cages and swollen the keys so no one could find them. The world twisted their being until it became something else. It created creatures that no longer knew this… Only war. Not only a physical, but a war with the heart, with the mind, with their very persona. How wrong they are. Enchained by their minds, enchaining their hearts. Trapped into this frame that does not fit. Because they were never supposed to do so. But maybe a look in the eyes, maybe another soul good at heart could break the lock…  only if they knew this…

I call it love.

DSC_6039 copy_nDSC_6041 copy_nDSC_6053 copy_nDSC_6063 copy_nDSC_6058 copy_nDSC_6059 copy_nDSC_5981 copy_n

Outfit: skirt- Stradivarius, top- ZARA, shoes- H&M, hat- Magazinul de Palarii

Photographer: Theodor Vasile, check his insta- theodorvasile;

Connect with me: instagram- iuliatopan,

twitter: @IuliaTopan;

Have courage & Be kind!

Love, IuliAlexandra

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